Filter Reference

Search Query Examples

SearchWebsites that require HTTPS connections
HTTP Strict-Transport-Security
SearchApache web servers
SearchServices that have the word "Apache" in their headings
SearchServices with a hostname containing either "" OR "",

HTTP filters
SearchWebsites that have the word "Apache" in their HTML
SearchWebsites that are using the Bootstrap CSS framework

SSL filters
SearchWebsites that support TLS 1.3
ssl.version:tlsv1.3 HTTP
SearchServices that support SSLv2 and don't support TLS
ssl.version:sslv2 -ssl.version:tlsv1,tlsv1.2,tlsv1.3
SearchNon-HTTPS SSL services that were issued a certificate for * -HTTP
SearchWebsites that support HTTP/2
SearchSSL services (HTTPS, SMTPS, POP3S etc.) that were issued a certificate for *

SSH filters
SearchSSH on port 22 OR 3333
ssh port:22,3333
SearchSSH on non-standard ports
ssh -port:22

Screenshot filters
SearchPublic VNC services hiding behind common web ports
has_screenshot:true rfb disabled port:80,443
SearchIndustrial control systems identified using machine learning
SearchSearch the OCR in Remote desktops for compromised by ransomware
has_screenshot:true encrypted attention

Restricted filters
SearchIndustrial control systems running an industrial protocol (i.e. no web servers)
SearchServices that are vulnerable to Heartbleed
SearchCitrix devices in Germany, Switzerland or France that are vulnerable to CVE-2019-19781
vuln:CVE-2019-19781 country:DE,CH,FR

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